Challenge time!

The gauntlet has been thrown down by this Mysterious boss, and its apparently high stakes too!

Comic transcript

dialogue exposition notes duboir Page16 The courier formally tells her about the wager the boss wants to make with her At a flick of the wrist a note appears in the couriers hand Big panel of courier with duboir montage to the side The Amazing Head of the noble Duboir Family~ has found out about your quest for the fragments of Tessal and after the wonderful show you put on with our poor Halona She has graciously offered you a chance to win the Collection of Tessal Fragments in our care.

It is not for the feint of heart though, you will face off against the very things you seek on a thrilling scavenger hunt as you make the way to the very home of the duboir family in the eye of our Forest!

~~~~If you want to chicken out that's completely understandable but it means you will never be able to reach those fragments and who knows what will happen to them >:P plus you know turning down such an amazing offer may lead to some kind of repercussions, just saying.

Whelp its up to you! Here is your key gives box just make sure your ready when you open it because there's no turning back~

Puts it on top of the box