Chapter03: 17

Time to see some sweet new duds and a sweet new arm for JD :>

Comic transcript

17:JD almost finished has one of the parts blowout but manages to fix it EXT shot of JD on top of the cockpit next to a half fixed antenna array JD “Not quite yet, it's being quite stubborn after what its been put through…” SHOUTING IZ STARTLES JD letting go of a tool IZ: “WELL WE NEED TO GET IT DONE NOW OR EDI and GIAS ARE in serious trouble, it looks like something BIG is rushing directly towards them! SMALL panel of JD lucky enough to catch it JD NEXT TO PANEL plugging a cable in with the tool tuning it,and walkie talkie to ear, JD “OK OK calm down, it should be plugged in, try get in contact and let me know so i can finish calibrating it”