Chapter03: 16

such a cute little map with icons :>

Comic transcript

16:Notices a rapidly approaching mass and shouts to JD to get the Antenna sorted out (IZ SCANNER HAS CUTE ICONS for GIAS AND EDI :>) Shot of Console with a popup of the local area with the locations of the ship, Gias and Edi JD ON WALKIE TALKIE “knowing our luck we will be having a tea party with the duboir later and you can ask them all the questions you want!” IZ Muttering “Looks like they struck the jackpot” Warning flashes showing a large fragment mass moving towards them FAST IZ “wait… a fragment mass of that size.. And its MOVING??? EDI and Gias are the only ones at that scale…” IZ looking nervous with walkie talkie in hand IZ “JD, please tell me you sorted out the Antenna by now…