Chapter03: 15

you know what sucks having a cold sucks :< especially when you have a blocked nose which causes trouble breathing 3 oh well at least i already finished this page :) looks like something is brewing :O while that brews I am going back to bed <3

Comic transcript

15:IZ heads back to the console to find a map location though not registering as a pocket dimension talking to JD over walkie talkies SMALL PANEL IZ hand grabbing a Walkie talkie device IZ with walkie talkie IZ “Hey Hun, should have the scanners and the sub systems back up for now, so we can finally find out where we are, how's it going on your end?” JD OVER WALKIE TALKIE “the Antenna array took a beating so just straightening that back out first, then i'm gonna see what i can with with the hunk of scrap that was the engine block...its not looking good though without some serious equipment. IZ at the console turning it on IZ “huh, no way?” JD “huh? What happened? Shot of console displays Looks like why i found out why the Duboirs are so Elusive were in a pocket dimension… but Tech like this is Ancient like fantasy stuff! <3, do you know what this could mean? “Mutters tech talk about readings” JD “IZ Keep it together, geek out after we aren't so stranded in a stupid game run by what appears to be a MOB family who has access to VERY dangerous tech…” SHOT of distracted IZ shocked back into reality with the console beeping IZ “I know, I know, huh?”