set upp!

With sweet ass Jumps and Dialogue~! trying to balance visuals and dialogue is a toughie, though its all a "wonderful" learning process. also Look its PEOPLE! the teal headed punk is Edi and the Dude is called J.D :>

Comic transcript

ship desert flying jumps stunts sweet ass dialogue talking stuff Page 2

Zooming shots to the two people mid conversations. As the vehicle clears some terrain the shot changes to inside to see JD Driving with Edith Sun in the passenger seat with some kind of gizmo her hand is plugged into

“so let me get this right, you died..”

“then didn’t die... and now are some kind of living… “Remnant” Engine thing?

“heh, I guess that one way of putting it”

“what on Terra-Dyna is a Remnant anyway!?

Hmmm… my best understanding would be… some kind of shattered.. broken.. fractured… powerful being.. person… thing!

You dont really know do you…

Edi-Sun just stares at him