The future!

So first and foremost thank you for taking the time to stop and read this, I appreciate you!

Ok so I am coming up to that 3 year mark for this comic and its been amazing but before we reach that milestone I have decided its time to go and make sure it all is the best it can be so I gave my patrons a choice ( since it is thanks to them that i even have the time to work on this comic at all <3) whether I wait on the update/reboot until the the first story arc is completed or if we get to it now and get this train rolling ASAP especially with that 3 year anniversary coming up!

so what does this mean? well the current archive will be up until next week just in-case you want a last minute binge ;D then after that I am going to update the site to a place holder and hit the overdrive and get to it, since the main aim is to update the Art style so it is more consistent and not quite the evolution of style up to the current point lol and properly develop some story stuff in the first chapter as it was originally just a pilot I didn't want to stop working on... but rest assured the main story will be staying the same

Comic transcript

blog post talking about the future of the webcomic with spoiler page of the V2 Edi