Chapter08: 24

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Comic transcript

24) Zeke stops what he's doing to track it down to find out its... offline for a while and tries to connect to it but unable to, he is finally able to track its signal which seems to be corrupted by another signal that places it underground and rapidly approaching the socket. Identifying the other signal Zeke is in shock Tells the boss they have been a breach, disconnects Halona giving her the device telling her that they may have to use it alot sooner than he’d like and activates the alarm throughout the base locking it down. Zeke moves over to the screen Zeke “I haven't been monitoring it due to preparing the scion but you shouldn't have lost track of them they are frequency locked… unless” Pulls up a window about the sockets Zeke “ What the?! Its rapidly targeting the remnants ship?!? wait, what's this distortion? Zeke at console as Halona suit is deactivated with the cables popping off Zeke”Young master! We have been breached! Someone has corrupted the last socket and rapidly overloading on a collision course with the remnant ! Boss “What?!? Put us in lockdown then you two head out Immediately! i will join you there.” Boss muttering just great, perfect timing,” Alarm sirens go off as Zeke unlocks the device. Zeke “Of course, on our way, quick grab the core we have to move, i will just finish the fine tuning on the way...”