Chapter08: 23

OOoh looks like Iz isnt the only one deep in the madness that is SCIENCE!!!

Comic transcript

23) A couple of hours later/ dawn/morning) cuts to Zekes lab with halona in the background dressed up in an undersuit and hooked up to various things including a flower type thing when he gets a call on one of the monitors from the boss asking if there has been any news on the last socket as shouldn't have it already made its move and her feeds to it doesn't seem to work. Establishing shot of a lab “ a couple of hours” Pan in to a shot of Zeke at a console with Halona in the background all dressed up in an undersuit glowing with various cables plugged in leading to a flower with a popup beeping Halona “ It’s been hours~ how much longer do i have to keep this dumb costume.. I know its to sync with the flower core thingy but its way too uncomfortable ” Zeke”It’s thanks to that array based of the Remnants transformed form that we can properly calibrate the BlosscionCore to you to keep you safe while using it so please bare with it a little longer its nearly done.” Halona “Uugh fine and I thought the suits were stuffy… sigh” CHIIME SOUND Small frame of a call from the boss opening Boss “Zeke?!?, hey Zeke where's the last socket??? I thought with four this would have wrapped up yesterday so we could get to the serious part. ” Shot of Zekes face thinking Zeke “wait, you cant see it? curious.”