Chapter08: 04

Iz is genuinely hyped... and quite the blabber which Edi is quite used too.

Comic transcript

Iz starts to explain but is cut of by Edi who needs a minute and a shower Iz looks hyped Iz “Ooh ooh yeah! That reminds me From what we managed to recover I figured out some of whats what's going on, what they managed to do is amazing!! Iz” It turns out those things you have been encountering all day are actually Robots specifically designed to fight you based of the data they managed to collect during your first encounter with them, The theories and designs they were able to Extrapolate from a single encounter is pure genius! Edi ”Umm Iz…” Iz “It took us ages to reverse engineer the foundation of the tech in your gear. Whoever came up with it must be some next level genius or have worked with Tessal Tech before with the way they have used the potential of fragments with different kinds of tech to create these “sockets” as they call them, It even looks like they planned for the case of if they were defeated resulting in the creation of more plugs similar to the Steam one that would embody different Tech, Edi “Izzzz..” Iz “ If i had to theorize its much more of just a game of trying to catch you two.. Infact I would…. Edi “Iz!! ” Edi hands up tries to stop her Edi ”Info overload!, my head is still spinning... If were not in danger give me moment to just go clear my head and have a shower, especially after running around and getting beaten up all day... Then I will be all good for this information roller coaster, ok hun.”