Chapter06: End

Here we come to the end of Chapter 6! time for another wrap up :D

lets get this thing going~ we are another chapter down and officially at the halfway point of the first Arc! With the return of familiar faces and the growth of Edi and Gias as they collect and absorb more fragments there is still so much more in store and i am so hyped to being able to work on it and share it with you.

The next chapter will start January 8nd 2018, I was planning to post intermission art but due to technology being technology i have lost ALL of the written pre production stuff for the comic so i will be using this time to try find it and if failing that rewriting it all out...

If anyone would like to do any Fan-art I will happily post that too <3 if you are up for the challenge you have 4 chances (on the Thursdays leading up to the next chapter) to get something done and send it to me on Twitter or DA.

There is also a reason for the extended delay which is from Chapter 7 I am planning to start posting 3 pages a week! Which is in large part thanks to my Patrons over at Patreon so if you are enjoying the comic I really urge you to please consider supporting if you have enjoyed from the comic so far as it will allow me to keep the comic going as well as keep pushing to make it better and better <3 Even $1 a month makes a big difference and patrons also get access to daily art, monthly wallpapers and more!!! If you are not able to or don't want to that is completely fine, just taking the time to read it and share it is more than enough <3

I would love to hear what you think about the comic so far so shoot me a message and if you haven't read it all its the perfect chance to catch up or reread it!

Until next time, take care and stay awesome! <3 Tom

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end page of chapter 6 with chapter recap.