12 day Advent Day 1

seasonal greetings, this is where things kick off! finally the time has come for the HENSHINN or in english transformation xD

Comic transcript

forest ruins ship henshinn transformation Page 14

The stranger is stretching her arm/shoulder grinning “fine I much prefer it this way, never one for the diplomatic route”

back shot of her resting her hand on her weapon drawing while facing Edi-sun who is looking over at the tree shocked as Gias floats over to the tree

Edi-sun staring at the stranger “If its a damn fight you want”

Edi-sun stretches out her arm palm facing out

something beginning to manifest in the same style of Gias is like a bubble growing with tentacle wing like extremities popping out until the Alternator is formed.

She swings her arm to her waist where the Alternator is locked into place