Chapter05: 21

Ooh time to see what this new plug.. can.. do... maybe not xD Halona is a fast one :O

Comic transcript

21) Edi manages to land and turn around last second to a halona hot on her tail lunging (edi inner monologue about having to use that new birdplug as she isn't going to fall for something like the steam trick again) at her (like with a baseball bat with a side swing) and ends up trying to block Halona’s weapon with one arm as the other glows Edi landing Wide shot of tree falling in forest Edi “AAAgh THINK! THINK! THINK!” Edi cross section of mask close up Edi“Steam plugs out, bet she’s waiting for it, Escape isn't an option… Damn!, looks like it’s time to find out what this new plug can do!” Halona appearing next to a startled Edi Edi“Wait where’d she g!!!” Edi managing to block