Chapter08: 05

We have reached the point of no return of where we got up to before the reboot, I hope your digging it as much as i am and look forward to the rest of the chapter <3

also its showtime~

Comic transcript

05) Edi heads of but grabs the D3cel plug as she passes the desk and throws it to Gias Telling Iz to check out what gias can now do Iz looks sad playing with her fingers Oh… yeah sorry i got carried away, take the time you need just as long as your ok. We should use this time for you to rest up... Edi places her hand on Iz shoulder Iz smiles Edi “ Heh its fine, I know how excited you are with all this after hitting a roadblock with the alternator..” Edi at the desk grabs the D3Cel plug Edi “Oooh and i have something to keep you interested while I’m gone.” Edi throws the plug to Gias with a baffled Iz Edi “Hey Gias! Its showtime~ Iz “huh?”