Chapter05: 09

I hope your enjoying this chapter unfolding :) I am trying out colouring stuff and handling creating different effects in different styles and i think i am digging how its progressing! <3

you are awesome and I hope your having a great day!

Comic transcript

09) Mid way through remembering about being told about this Socket in particular the body lights up and she gets ready Flashback shadowy shot of the boss
“Nasty stuff really, Old too! but I’m sure the results of our guest getting it will prove useful in the bigger picture…” Flashback of halona on the phone “it’s a shame I won't be able to see how they would fare against such odds. Better not disappoint me with your rematch my dear protege~ Don’t forget I’ll be watching how you take down that socket too <3beep.” Invasive panel of the xtal body humming