Chapter08: 13

Ahh Information, the fruit of the near obsessive curiosity lol

plus may i Introduce the MECHADAPTOR!

Comic transcript

13) Iz no longer distracted turning around on her chair theorizes that the duboirs plan had an unintended side effect as it seems they wanted to test the limits of Gias and Edi after seeing their first encounter creating those “sockets” as they called them in the hopes of creating more plugs but instead of just creating plugs it seems Gias’s ability has grown also ended up making a blank “socket”plug of its own Small frame of a dramatic key press Iz “aaand done!” Izflips up the back of the chair Iz” Right! Best way to put it is that the “Mechadaptor” as i've dubbed it there is like a fusion of your mech as well as the the fragments of the duboir robots, also known as “Sockets” that Gias ate” Angled side shot of Edi (leaning against a desk and Iz on her chair with Iz explaining with Edi remembering the other plug Iz ”Though after going through the data i was able to recover from it, it seems like the duboir made those sockets with the intention of being able to produce plugs in the case they were defeated in the same fashion after the first encounter… but it must be because of the fragments you have absorbed Gias’s ability has also evolved to the point after absorbing enough sockets it created a blank socket.. Like plug…. Kinda like an adaptor of its own Edi ”wait they wanted us to make more plugs?”