Chapter07: 05

I am sure Gias will listen this time :D

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Comic transcript

05) She looks to Gias and tells it that it needs to stay with the mech and protect the parts, they may not be so lucky as last time with the parts the others need Gias reluctantly accepts and Edi pulls out the alternator and the D3Cel plug Mech lands Edi looking at gias Edi”Right! I am going to see what this thing is, If its not reading on the sensors should have no idea we are onto right, Focus on the scrap Edi” But Gias you have to listen to me and stay here, Iz needs this stuff to help us figure out what's going on here, and i need you to watch it ok Shot of Edi getting ready to jump with alternator and D3cel plug in hand Looks back to gias who doesn't look too happy Edi” I won't be long, We will be back with the others in no time!