Chapter05: 16

If something shines people are going to notice it, if your a walking anomaly its not going to be long before people get curious.

Comic transcript

16) Halona enlightens her about the sockets and the fact she was added to keep things interested and to get revenge for that lousy sucker punch from before Closeup of Halona Halona “oh no,that was you, I gave you a chance to come back with me,I even asked nicely“ Corner shots of Edi and Halona with flashback panel of the boss and Inventor talking “but after our first “encounter” My boss took a special interest in you and your little friend, she even went to the point of using her family collection of shards that we spent years collecting to just create playmates for you two after seeing how you totalled my precious bike... ” “Though after how she saw you take down that giant bird, I got my wish of a rematch and to make things more interesting for her!